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City Pest Control

City Pest Control, Our Company has reached this stage through share hard work under the leadership
"Mr.Sagar More (BSC Agri.) who started the company in 2010"
Our Commitment For Quality and professionalism are reflected in our on going Research and Development that focus on improving a safely and effectiveness of our pest control Solution.
We provide end to end pest control solution For industries,Hospitals,residence,business Centre,hotels & Cafeteria

City Pest Control provides complet range of Pest Managemant solution through our professional services and quality products.We have awell experiance in Pest Control Managemant.

Think City Pest Control - Whenver You

1. Discover pest in your home

2. Plan to move into construct a new Home / Office.

3.Plan to remove your primises.

4.Make widden furniture / Flase ceiling etc.

5.Recommed pest control to your friends and relatives.